Monday, January 17, 2011

Esme's Christmas

Esme's first christmas tree hunt!  You can tell it was successful by the smile on her face!

 Esme with her tummy mamma at our favorite place to eat in Brigham City, Utah...Maddox!

 Sorry about the red eyes but Abby and I thought it was funny that Esme keep trying to put on these ski goggles
 You can't tell but Claire, the little girl behind my mom, and Esme have the same outfit on..curtsey of Scott and Nat.  Let's just say that Esme filled her's out rather well...

 Esme also got an elf outfit that she wore on christmas day

Needless to say this christmas was pretty rough but I believe that Esme still had a great one.  I believe that Esme can still see Paige and that Paige still gets after her when she needs to.  But I also think that Paige was with us this Christmas and I pray that she will be will us for all our Christmas' to come.  Here are a few pics from Esme's Christmas and our time in Utah.


  1. These are great! I especially love the Christmas tree hunt and ski goggle pictures because that old Esme smile is back. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it was but knowing you had the love and support of your family makes me feel better.

    P.S. I feel as if Paige is still hanging out with me every day. . .

  2. I know she's there - it's weird you can't see her in the pictures!
    Love those CAHOONS!

  3. i just love all of esmes cute/funny outfits!!! i mean, how many little kids have an elf outfit that they get to wear on christmas?!?! she looks cute in every outfit she puts on!!!