Monday, March 21, 2011

Dinner with Esme

Hopefully you will find this somewhat entertaining.  Life with little Esme is always fun and exciting, and dinner time is no exception.  She likes to eat and likes to dance while she eats.  She rarely sits straight in her high chair and she let's you know when she is done.  She sure is a cutie pie!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Esme's Unique Fashion Statement

I promise that not one of these photo's is staged.  I mean, what kind of father would I be if I went around putting random items on my daughter head! Anyway, I have referenced this habit in a previous post (see "goggles and a b-ullet") and it still holds true today, Esme loves to put stuff on her head.  Not sure why, but she thinks it is hilarious to put stuff on her head and walk around until said stuff falls off.  Of course, I think it is pretty funny too.

In case you are wondering, on her shirt is the juicy remains of a watermelon

My little Princess!