Monday, February 28, 2011

Esme's Day at the Park

Recently a miracle happened here in the Seattle area, we had a day without rain or snow!  So while I was at work my sister and her girls took Esme and her cousin Jane over to the park near their house to play.  This was Esme's first time on the swings and as you can tell, she loved it.  I would normally set this to music but I think listening to Esme yell...the entire time she is on the music enough for me.

Now...I do need to take a second and address her outfit in this video.  First of all, the outfit was not sanctioned by the "Esme Outfit Approval Committee, or EOAC.  This committee is comprised of one  Second, I am not totally sure who produces these types of clothes for kids.  Third, I am not totally sure who buy's these types of clothes for kids.  And fourth, how in the world did she get both a leopard print coat and tights on in the same day?  Who knows...but luckily for all of us, Esme make's this outfit look good.  Enjoy....


  1. well, i do have an answer to one of your questions... who would dress their kids like this??? Jesse and Tricia. Please go to the link below and check out jesse's dressing of his kids... leopard fur sweater with leopard onesie with polka dot pants...
    didnt you know, EVERYTHING goes with leopard!!!