Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank You

Since I just returned from a long trip I don't have much to post with regards to Esme tonight and I think Karmen has done a fine job keeping everyone updated in my absence.

I want to take use this post to thank all the wonderful people that have been so supportive during the last few months. First let me start with my sister Kay.  She has been wonderful.  She is always willing to help and do whatever it takes to be there for me and for Esme.  Thanks also goes to her family for allowing Esme to come and be part of their family every weekday.  Thanks to my good friends in Snoqualmie, who volunteer their time every week to let Esme come and spend time with them.  Thanks to my mother and father for stepping in to help whenever they are needed. Thanks to Karmen, Diane, and the entire Stovall family for letting Esme eat them out of house and home over the past two weeks.  And thanks to all of you who follow this blog and love and support Esme.  I feel very blessed to have such wonderful people around to help me raise a wonderful little girl.

Thank you

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