Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Growing up my family didn't really celebrate Easter weekend.  We never had Easter baskets or presents to speak of.  We just had ham, scalloped potatoes and warm rolls. I never really thought twice about it until I spent an Easter weekend at my aunt Marty's.  Much to my surprise when I awoke Easter morning there was an Easter basket full of candy.  My cousin Ben got a bigger basket and a big package of markers, funny the things you remember.  I also remember that even though I had never had an Easter basket I was still jealous of the all those markers!  Anyway, the point of this story is to say that it is not hard wired into my head to get Easter baskets or really celebrate Easter in that way but I made an effort to get Esme out and enjoying the festivities.  On Saturday we had fantastic weather, sunny and warm, so Esme and I spent most of the day outside.  Sunday was back to the same old, same old so those pic's are inside.  Enjoy....
Our little Easter Egg Hunt

 Esme didn't really understand what was going on but she loved holding the bucket and mixing it up the other kids
 Esme in her new sunday Easter dress...wondering around the halls during Sacrament Meeting
 My work had a model home furniture sale so I picked up this little kitchen set for Esme and Jane to play with
 This was my main Easter present to Esme.  And it wasn't even meant to be an Easter present per se.  I found this Vespa several months ago but thought that Esme was a. too small to enjoy it at that time and b. I wanted to get some decals to make it extra special.  So I took it over my friend Matt's house and he added the Esme decal's on both sides.  Very cool....

 Needless to say...she loves it!


  1. esme is getting so big... her hair is almost to a point where you could actually do something with it:) cute dress, cute vespa, cute cute cute. i just love her!!!

  2. Happy Easter sweet girl, and sweet daddy! I can't wait to get a hold of her! I may never let her go!!

  3. Only a cool baby could have a cool Vespa!! Roman Holidays are next ;)

  4. Love it! She looks adorable on the Vespa in her cute pink dress :)

    Fun to hear you memories, too. Brad told me you had mentioned the non-celebratory Easters growing up. Maybe I'll give you a pack of markers next time I see you . . .