Monday, May 2, 2011

Spending Some Quality Time with Mother Nature

As summer begin's to peek it's head out from behind the clouds the Cahoon household is spending a lot more time outdoors.  The other day I came home from work to a beautiful, albeit cool afternoon, so Esme, Stanley and I spent a little time enjoying the sunshine...and the leftovers from many, many days of rain.

 Esme and Stanley
 That is Esme in the distance telling me that we are going to wrong way...we normally go up to a little bridge.


  1. Oh James - I loved this post. The colors and framing of the second picture, the music (my high school boyfriend LOVED that song) and the curious joy she got out of a simple thing like puddles. Keep em coming!

  2. That was so cute! LOVED the pictures and LOVED the video!!

  3. Very Cute! I am excited to play with Esme over Memorial Day weekend! But I'm hoping we don't have any puddles to play in - just lots of sunshine and good fishing.

  4. AWESOME!!! its all AWESOME!!! esme is too too cute and i agree with barb... that second picture is beautiful... with the puddle and the reflection, and the color... the whole thing is super cute... totally frame worthy!!!
    kudos to the photographer!!!

  5. So cute! It's always fun to see her in your videos! Adorable! : )