Monday, September 26, 2011

Day and Night and Afternoons at the Movies

Esme has reached that age where she can sit and watch an entire movie.  Not the Godfather mind you but something a little lighter like Tangled.  At first all she wanted to watch was Toy Story 3 but she has graduated now to Tangled and she would watch it all day every day if I let her.

This brings up a conundrum for me as a parent.  I never wanted to be one of those parents that let's the TV babysit/raise their child yet I can see why it is so appealing.  When the show is on I can actually get some things done around the house!  And I must admit that watching her watch the show is kind of cute.  She is too young to get he jokes but she smiles and dances and makes faces along with the story line.  So my compromise on this issue is to try my best to watch it with her so that we are together, having some quality bonding time, luckily Esme is a great snuggler...even though you would never guess it from this video.

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