Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

It felt pretty weird to be in Seattle for Labor Day Weekend.  It has been several years since I was at home and not on the Big Horn River in Montana.  But since we weren't able to go fishing, Esme and I tried to make the most of our time.  Next year we will be on the river again for sure!  So here are some of our highlights.

Since we couldn't be on the Big Horn catching fish I decided that we should do that next best thing, go see some fish.  On Saturday, Kay, Jane, Esme and I all went down to the Seattle waterfront to check out the aquarium.  Esme loves' fish.  She always stops on the pages in our books that have pictures of fishes.

We had a nice Sunday relaxing then today we went and washed the car. This is Esme waiting patiently for our turn.  She was giving the pink bear hugs and lightly tapping it on the back, which I thought was very cute.

Then we went swimming, Esme loves the water!

And we finished the day at a BBQ with friends were Esme ran around like a mad woman with all the kids....sorry, I didn't snap any pictures of that.

All in all it was a pretty good Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Her hair is looking cute! I love her patting her little bear on the back.

  2. cute cute cute... much nicer labor day that us:) we stained our deck and did yard work. no fun for us on labor day.

  3. I love the fact that she's trying to get everybody to look at, watch, pay attention to, get excited about the "fisheys". She's got Paige's fishing "gene" :)